Monday, December 28, 2015

Oaxaca Campground and Route to Oaxaca

For any number of reasons Oaxaca has been on our list of places to visit in Mexico. People tell us it is their favorite city in Mexico. We hear of the many types of folk art that can be found in the area. But the situation for an RV of our size has been questionable for years. We have tried to look into it and tried to gather information but we have just not been able to figure a way to make the trip to Oaxaca in our Bus.
That has changed. Del & Kate have opened a small RV park / campground about 10 miles SE of Oaxaca City which not only gives us access to the city but to many surrounding villages. As soon as we heard this was happening we made plans to head in that direction. Christmas seemed a good time to be here.
The campground has about 9 spaces with hookups and plenty of open space for other campers. Typical of Mexico the electricity is limited as is the water pressure. But we are more or less self-contained and we are used to this conditions in Mexico. We keep our water tank full and use our 12 volt pump to pump from our fresh water tank.
Del and Kate have been in the Oaxaca area for eleven years and have a wealth of information about the area that they are happy to share. They live on the grounds and do a nice job of keeping an eye on things, including walking Tilly when we're out and about for a long day.

We planned our stops along the way so we would not have a lot of miles to travel to get to Oaxaca driving on unfamiliar roads. Our route took us out of Cholula near Puebla on MX 150D toward Orizaba. We turned off MX 150D on MX 135D toward Oaxaca. Both of these roads are toll roads and not in the smoothest conditions. But that is one of the problems about getting to Oaxaca – there aren’t a lot of options as to how to get there. Once close to the Oaxaca area 135D ended and we got on MX190 close to the city and on more or less city streets – lots of traffic lights and traffic and a bit of confusion. After a few miles of stop and go we were back on open roads heading SE of Oaxaca toward our destination in San Francisco Lachigolo (sort of rhymes with gigolo).The Oaxaca Campground is not far off MX190 on a rough dirt road – turn by the pink paint store.

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  1. We left the motorhome in Cuernavaca and drove the Honda to Oaxaca via Mex 190. I t was a fine route for the car but not for the motorhome. We returned to Cuernavaca on the route you show, a longer distance but a much better route.