Sunday, November 18, 2012

Arizona Rest Stop

We arrived back in Fountain Hills at the beginning of October this year, a bit early for us but we had some medical appointments scheduled for that time period.
We usually stay here for a month or two in the spring and a month or two in the fall. It's a time for us to stop for a bit and get caught up. Tilly loves having a yard and enjoys having a routine. We start each day with a walk around the fountain that gave Fountain Hills its name.

Fountain Park is in a beautiful setting and a brisk walk is a great way to begin the day. We have seen coyotes and javelinas as well as a large variety of birds and waterfowl. One of our favorites is the hooded merganser which has some unusual coloring.

We get some striking sunset views from our patio.

We store the Bus at an RV park on theFort McDowell Reservation, which is about 5 miles from the house. Very convenient. We have a nice view of the Four Peaks rising above the desert when we drive over to get the Bus.

Most of our time is spent on projects and maintenance on the Bus, maintenance on ourselves, and catching up with friends. We're only ten minutes away from the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale and feel fortunate to be part of their excellent health care system.
At this point we seem to be almost caught up and are preparing for our winter in Mexico. We will host Thanksgiving at our place this year. We will be joined by our friends Judy and Jim who we visited in Washington state this summer and who winter in this area, and our friends Kathy and Dan will be flying in from San Francisco. Should be fun!
We plan to leave Fountain Hills shortly after Thanksgiving and work our way across New Mexico and Texas to the Columbia Crossing north of Laredo. After stops in San Miguel de Allende and the Chapala area we hope to be at Hacienda Contreras once again for the holidays.