Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Southern Colorado

We spent close to two weeks visiting with our friends Dan and Marlene who live in Beulah, a little  mountain town just west of Pueblo. We stay at an RV park in Colorado City which has a huge iris garden and a great view of the mountains. 
We take very scenic back roads up to Dan and Marlene's and see some pretty interesting animals along the way. We've seen wild turkeys, deer, pronghorn that love to pose for us,
gorgeous black and white spotted draft horses that look like they must be used for some type of shows,
and yes, even yaks! It took us a while to figure out what they were. At first we thought they might be some kind of a cross between a cow and a buffalo (beefalo?) because we weren't expecting to see any yaks. After doing a little research we found that they are, indeed, yaks.
We always enjoy relaxing up in the mountains and this year was no exception. Even though Dan and Marlene are busy with the addition they're putting on their house they managed to find time to relax with us. Dan and Brian enjoyed hanging out, watching the birds and even a little fox that came into the yard.
Marlene and I spent a few days shopping and hanging out as well. We were college roommates and 'partners in crime' as out mothers used to say, and have stayed close throughout the years. Nothing like being with a friend you've known for over 40 years!