Wednesday, April 11, 2012


We have been in Arizona since leaving Mexico last month. This is a beautiful time of year to be in the desert with the cactus in bloom, great weather and our daily walks around the fountain in Fountain Hills. Every year the fountain is dyed green for St. Patrick's Day, which is kind of fun.

We've been busy catching up on chores, seeing our doctors, and getting ready for our upcoming travels. Brian has been occupying much of his time with maintenance on the Bus and of course some new projects. Two of his major projects have been installing a new inverter for our residential refrigerator (last fall's big project) and building a new computer for the Bus. The old computer, which has been wonderful for navigation, was pretty slow and lacked many of the features we want in a computer. Brian built (yes, built with some advice and help) a new one which does much more and does it faster. It's all beyond me how he does it but he somehow manages to figure these things out.
We hope to hit the road again in May. This year we plan to spend our time out west, beginning with New Mexico and Colorado and then heading for the coast.  I'll start posting more once we have some new adventures to blog about.