Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Toronto, More Fun Family Time

We had a great and busy visit with my niece Shelby, her husband Dan and their three kids. Of course I think they're all adorable and we enjoy spending time with them. The twins, Wallace and Linnea, are eight months old.

Their brother Sam will be four in August.

Shelby and Dan are certainly kept busy with the kids and everything else going on in their lives, but they just seem to roll with it. We tried to help out where we could but could tell we don't have the energy we used to. 
We went to the Toronto Zoo one afternoon and were pretty impressed by the way Shelby had all the kids organized. We called it her traveling roadshow.

It was a fun day and nice outing. I think the kids enjoyed the big sandbox most of all.


June 13, Sault St Marie to Sudbury, ON Canada, 197 miles
June 14, Sudbury to Glen Rouge Park, Toronto, 246 miles

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