Saturday, February 8, 2014

Patzcuaro, Rancho la Mesa

Entrance to the restaurant
There are three RV parks in Patzcuaro, one of our very favorite towns. Two of the RV parks have easier access to town than Rancho la Mesa but we love staying here. Public transportation isn't as reliable up here as at the other RV parks but since we have a car that isn't a problem for us. It would be a consideration for other RVers.
Rancho la Mesa is in a beautiful setting with well kept grounds, a nice restaurant, spacious rooms, and a decent place for RV parking with full hook-ups. The rooms have private patios and gardens.

The RV spots have fabulous views of the town, Lake Patzcuaro, and the island of Janitzio. Often in the mornings the lake is shrouded by fog with the island peeking above. It's quite a scene. At this time we're the only RV enjoying the view.

A closer look at the view.

Another thing that's so fun about Rancho la Mesa is that it's actually a ranch. On the day we arrived we were treated to a horse show. As far as we can tell, there are at least 5 adult horses and a young horse here. The caballeros were putting the horses through their paces right in front of our Bus.

This beautiful grey horse (sorry, don't know the name) was quite the dancer. Just gorgeous.

This one danced and pranced as well.

It was quite a sight and what a wonderful experience. Once again, we never know what's going to happen next.
This morning we walked over to the stables where we got some more pictures. The braided mane and forelock on the grey can be seen better close up.

The horses were all gentle and enjoyed the attention we gave them. This pony, also with braids, was dancing yesterday but I didn't get the camera out in time to get a picture, just had the privilege of watching him.

In addition to horses the ranch has 14 ostriches. They're fun to watch and make a really unusual sound which is hard to describe. Evidently they end up being served in the restaurant, sorry to say.

There are a multitude of ducks and geese, also some sheep that we found grazing in front of the Bus.

Tilly made friends with a cute little burro. The local dogs have been very friendly too.

Our journey from Hacienda Contreras in Valle de Juarez was 140 miles, but took us 5 1/2 hours. We had done the trip before so we expected it to take that long. There are some winding roads and little villages with lots of topes (sleeping policemen) so it's slow going. However, it's a beautiful drive and we totally enjoyed it.

Our route

And where we are in Mexico

For our RV friends who might be considering staying at Rancho la Mesa, here's a map of the actual road and route. The thin blue line is not on GPS, but exists and is the way in. Let us know if you need further details.