Saturday, June 7, 2014

Back to Beulah

More Colorful Colorado, no more snow!

We made our yearly stop to visit our friends Marlene and Dan, who have a great home in the little mountain town of Beulah which is southwest of Pueblo. We stay at an RV park in Colorado City and take a back road to their home. Along the way we see some beautiful scenery and interesting animals.
Brian gave me a Nikon 5300 for my birthday which is more camera than I've ever had. I love it and have been having fun learning how to use it. It has a telephoto lens which I used to take these shots on the way to Beulah.

We had some great times hanging out on their new deck.

Their flowers are starting to bloom

and we had fun watching all the birds. These birds are called Evening Grosbeaks.

We enjoyed our time with Marlene and Dan, who are incredible hosts and obviously I'm also enjoying my new camera!

Colorado City to Beulah, 22 miles (mostly gravel road but well maintained)


  1. You folks are in a very beautiful part of the country. It has been many years since we've been around there, but we want to go back someday. Congratulations on your birthday and new camera. One of the things about the resolution of the 5300 is that you can crop the picture and still get an excellent image. Enjoy.

    Helen and Paul

  2. Wow great shots - esp. of the birds. A good quality camera makes a difference for sure! Enjoy spring time!