Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Punta Perula

Before leaving Melaque we took a day trip to Punta Perula, which is about 50 miles north. Our friends Helen and Paul have been staying there and invited us to come up and enjoy the beach with them. It's a beautiful beach with rocky islands offshore. Tilly had a great time running in the surf and rolling in the sand - I don't think we'll ever get the Vieques beach doggie out of her. Helen and Paul were even kind enough to furnish all the stuff we needed for a bath to get the salt and sand off of her. Post-beach baths are a daily occurrence for them with their 3 labs.
We took a nice long walk along the beach, with a stop at the lagoon to look for crocodiles. We didn't see any, which was fine with me. After our walk Helen and Paul took us to their favorite restaurant, Chee Chees, which is just down the beach from their RV park.

We had a lovely lunch and visit and thoroughly enjoyed our day at the beach in Punta Perula.

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  1. And we certainly enjoyed seeing our friends from the Hacienda again! Until tomorrow....