Sunday, February 26, 2012

More Patzcuaro

One of the things we love most about Patzcuaro is that we keep coming upon scenes and events that are totally unexpected.
The Templo del Sagrario, above and below, is known as somewhat of an architectural wonder. It was built in the 17th century, and has a tower with a clock. According to the legend the clock was sent from Spain because it tolled an unlucky hour for a Spanish King.
Casa de Onces Patios is a former 18th century Dominican nunnery. It is now a crafts center with workshops and stores. We were able to watch artisans at work, always a treat. The center has two looms that produce textiles sold in several of the stores. One of the weavers was operating the hand loom one day when we were there.
There is a small secluded cloister where a nun and her servants lived that now has several shops.
As we were stopping by Casa de Onces Patios one afternoon we happened upon a film crew making a movie of the Danza de Viejitos, which we blogged about previously. This was a great opportunity to see them since they weren't surrounded by crowds of people. It was very special to see the dancers and musicians in this unique setting. It was like a private performance, just for us and the film crew.

This is the youngest and smallest of the Viejito dancers. The oldest appears to be around 30. None are really little old men as the name implies.
We took a day trip around the lake, which is beautiful. We came upon this man delivering wood in the town of Tzintzuntzan (good luck pronouncing that one - it took us several tries).
There are also some ruins near Tzintzuntzan which we wanted to see. On the day we visited, there were dancers recreating dances performed by the Tarascan Indians when it was the Tarascan capital.
While walking near the plaza we came upon what appeared to be some type of school parade. Don't know why there was a parade, but it was fun to watch.
There were many proud parents and grandparents and it was touching to watch them interacting with their kids. Several of the kids were riding horses.
There were also some floats which featured pre-school kids as kings and queens. I have no idea what that was all about but of course thought it was interesting.
Our RV friends Helen and Paul joined us in Patzcuaro and seemed as enchanted by the town as we were. We had several lunches at Lupitas restaurant, which has the best Tarascan soup ever, and which I would love to figure out how to make.


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