Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Back at the Hacienda

After leaving the coast our plan was to head for Patzcuaro. Hacienda Contreras in Valle de Juarez is about halfway between the two places so we decided to spend a few days there before moving on.

When we arrived Sal took us to a neighboring village for a parade and fiesta.

It was interesting that only women were in the parade.  Even the statue of the Virgin was carried by women, something we haven't seen elsewhere.

We had a  nice meal in the square following the parade with Sal and some of our new RV friends.
The folks who fixed our meal were lots of fun and very entertaining.

We wanted to get some more of the excellent mezcal we bought when we were here over the holidays and fortunately that was arranged for us. The distilling process wasn't in full swing as it was previously, but there was still enough mezcal to go around and everyone was able to taste and purchase what they wanted.

Just as we were planning to move on to Patzcuaro we got hit with rain. Lots of rain. A few days are fine, but this has been a bit much. The rain is widespread and affecting many of the areas around here so we will stay put until things dry out a bit.
Everyone at the campground agrees that if we have to stay in one place because of the weather, this is a good place to be. Many of the campgrounds in Mexico turn into mud pits when it rains and it's pretty easy to get your RV stuck. Here we have a good base and and are not worried about sinking, and Barb and Sal have been great about planning activities and keeping everyone's spirits up.

Today it cleared off enough for us to go over to Mazamitla for a hike down to a waterfall that Brian and I have tried to reach several times. Today we finally made it.

It felt great to get out for a long hike and so enjoyable to be outdoors again.

Things seem to be drying out here and we will decide on our next destination based on how things look in Patzcuaro and the area around Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende. They have had the same rains and we aren't sure about the condition of the campgrounds in those areas. Hopefully they are drying out as well.

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  1. Great pics. It was great meeting you at Hacienda Contreras. I look forward to meeting up with you again somewhere down the road.