Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mount Rainier National Park

The summit of Mt Rainier is at 14, 416 feet. The place nearest the top that can be reached by car is Paradise, which is the snowiest place on earth where snowfall is measured regularly. Paradise once held the world record for measured snowfall in single year: 1,122 inches, or 93.5 feet. Paradise also receives about 87 inches of precipitation per year, and Longmire, which is at a lower elevation receives about 126 inches per year. There have been some serious floods, landslides, avalanches and mudslides in the park which remind us of the power of Mother Nature.

There are 25 glaciers that cover 35 square miles on Mt Rainier. It's a popular place for hikers - one quote we read was that it has everything that Mt Everest has except for the thin air. It's dangerous, though, because of the fierce and sometimes unexpected storms that roll off the Pacific and envelop Rainier in blinding fog and snow. More than 90 mountaineers have slipped or frozen trying to reach the summit, and 294 fatalities have happened on the mountain.
Our hikes were a bit milder to say the least. Some photos from our hikes..

And our last glimpse of the mountain as we drove the Bus over Cayuse Pass.

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  1. One day we want to spent time both in Washington and Oregon. It just makes it hard at the moment with having to work all summer up here in Canada but one day we will make it there. Looks like you are having some nice weather.

  2. Our trip through Oregon was fantastic. Along with Washington, we could spend the summer there too.