Saturday, June 4, 2016

Baby Golden Eagles in Lyons, Colorado

Every year a pair of golden eagles return to the same spot on the cliffs above Meadow Park in Lyons where we are fortunate to park the Bus. This nest has been here for years and the parents show up like clockwork each year to raise a couple more eaglets. Their nest gets bigger and bigger as time goes by which makes it a bit easier to spot. We can see pretty well with good binoculars, but have to zoom in on the computer to get the really close shots. The photo below shows the nest on the cliffs with the camera zoomed in all the way.

These photos were doctored and zoomed and cropped in our computer – no special program to do any amazing things. The best long distance lens we have is 300mm and the camera is Nikon 5300. The photo below is of one of the parents checking on the kids. If you look closely there are 3 little heads in the nest. We understand 3 is unusual.  We also understand in many cases the stronger of the youngsters will kill the weaker. We have no idea what the survival rate of the young ones hatched out in this nest over the years has been.

This shot is of a youngster stretching its wings.

We've enjoyed following the evolution of the eagles' nest over the years that we've stayed in Meadow Park.


  1. Cool! I love watching some of these amazing birds grow, like our 2 great horned owls babies that we have been watching here at the park.

    1. We love watching them too and we've really enjoyed the pictures of your baby owls! Too cute.