Sunday, January 20, 2013

San Miguel de Allende

As always, it's wonderful to be back in San Miguel de Allende, SMA. It seems as though we never have enough time to spend here so this time we hope to stay for a month. I'm sure we'll find more than enough to keep us busy.
We love the architecture and cobblestone streets

the central jardine and Parroquia

and the little courtyards we sometimes get to peek into..

We're looking forward to the next month and will be posting more of our explorations. Brian has a long-standing history here, and while he sees the changes that have occurred over the past 40+ years he's still enchanted by this place and so am I.

Here's an overview map of where we are

and our route from Roca Azul near Jocotopec to San Ramon Hotel and RV Park in SMA
Roca Azul to La Piedad
La Piedad to Irapuato
Irapuato to San Ramon in San Miguel de Allende
It was just under a 240 mile drive.

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