Sunday, May 29, 2011


After the tornado outbreak in Alabama we were happy to arrive in Florida. Our first stop was Daytona Beach, a place I'd always wanted to see. We were there on a weekend and I was pretty amazed by the number of people on the beach. My visions of people driving cars on the beach weren't quite a reality- traffic was restricted to a beach road, complete with stop signs. Not my kind of beach but obviously it works for others.

After leaving Daytona we headed for Palm City, where Brian's brother Bruce and his wife Eileen live. Palm City is near Port St. Lucie and Stuart on the east coast.
We had a great visit, drank lots of wine, and toured the area. Brian's sister Laurel even flew down from NY for a few days so it was bit of a family reunion.  Some highlights of our visit ---
The locks on the Okeechobee Waterway which connects the east and west coast of Florida. We saw some huge manatees in the locks - all boat traffic is halted for them.
We found an off-leash dog beach (Tilly's favorite thing in the world) and she had a great time running in the surf and rolling in the sand.
We watched this Great Blue Heron stalk and catch a large fish which it swallowed in one gulp. It then went out and got another one - what an appetite.
No trip to Florida is complete without an alligator sighting--
And a concert on the water--

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