Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cumberland Island National Seashore

Located off the very southern coast of Georgia, this area preserves most of Cumberland Island. There are some private homes but the majority of the island is protected. The only way to get there is by boat, so we took a ferry over and spent the day exploring.
We began our hike on this road, overhung with trees dripping Spanish moss. Very southern.
We stopped at the Dungeness Ruins. At one time this huge estate belonged to the Carnegie family. It burned down in 1958 and was never rebuilt but it was easy to see how grand it was at one time.
We hiked out to the beach, passing wild horses and wild turkeys along the way. The beach was fabulous, and I even picked up a few seashells.
After hiking down the beach we cut across the island to reach our ferry stop. We saw the most incredible trees when we got off the beach. There were huge live oaks, named this because they always have green leaves. They were amazingly twisted and towering high above us. Following are some pictures, but I think this is one you have to see in person to truly appreciate-

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