Monday, February 16, 2009

Teotihuacan and Mexico City

After leaving Palenque we headed for Teotihuacan, which is the site of the Sun and Moon pyramids. The pictured Sun pyramid is the third largest in the world with a base measuring over 700 feet on each side. The largest pyramid in the world is in Cholula near Puebla with a base over 1400 feet on each side (that's over a quarter mile!). Yes, we have heard of Egypt. We explored the huge pyramid complex and continued to get our exercise climbing pyramids. There were also some well preserved murals, carved columns, and stone adornments on the Citadel pyramid. The central avenue in the middle of Teotihuacan from the Moon pyramid to the Citadel is over 2km long.

We don't make reservations while traveling so kind of take our chances. When we got to the RV park in Teotihuacan we found out that a caravan of 23 RVs was coming in which would fill the entire park. Fortunately for us the owner of the park, a wonderful woman named Mina, told us we could park in her garden. Pretty crazy but things worked out fine and the caravan invited us to have some wine and enjoy a local mariachi band with them. (That's our Bus front left).

While staying in Teotihuacan we were able to go to Mexico City and tour the Anthropology Museum. It was quite overwhelming and a fantastic museum. We could have easily spent a week there since there's so much to see - some of the best relics are there and we hope to go back to see more. Of course Brian was fascinated by the roof in the middle of the complex which is one of the largest cantilevered roofs in the world, an architectural marvel itself. That's the Chac Mool lower left.

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  1. I loved that museum! I spent two full days there and wanted more, more, more! Sounds like you guys are having a blast. How did you maneuver the RV in DF traffic!?!?