Thursday, February 19, 2009

Guadalajara Area

Guadalajara is Mexico's second largest city with many areas to explore in both the city and surrounding area. We stayed about 25 miles south of Guadalajara at an RV park in Jocotepec, which is on the west side of Lake Chapala. We made several day trips into Guadalajara where we visited several areas with craft markets and did some sightseeing around the city.

Much of the glassware, ceramics, silver, pewter and various other crafts that are found Mexico are made in Tonala. A friend of ours from Boulder, Bill, was in Guad and we spent the day with him and his coworker Steve. It was market day and the crowds and wares were overwhelming, so we took a break for a few Sols and some lunch. We all purchased a few things since the prices were pretty unbelievable - screaming bargains to say the least.

We weren't able to see many of the artisans at work so we will try to spend more time there on our next trip. Since leaving Tonala we've been amazed by the number of things we've come across in galleries and stores that were made in Tonala. It's also amazing how much more expensive they are in areas other than Tonala!

Tlaquepaque (Ta-locky-pocky)

This area is in another part of Guad and has many galleries and shops that display the crafts made in Tonala. It's a more upscale area with nicer displays and corresponding higher prices. Tlaquepaque has some nice restaurants.

Lake Chapala

Lake Chapala is the largest lake in Mexico and has a sizeable ex-pat community. Lots of retirees and it's quite Americanized.

Many of the restaurants there, and in all of Mexico, were outdoors and welcomed Tilly. I just had to include a picture of her reminding us that she's still under the table, patiently waiting for any scraps that may come her way.

Another friend of ours from the Colorado days, Micky, lives in a town called Ajijic on the north side of the lake. We were able to make contact and thoroughly enjoyed our time with her. She had us to dinner, showed us around a bit and filled us in on the area.

We went into the town of Chapala and walked along the Malecon where we watched an old Indian woman weaving and were fascinated. She even kept Tilly's attention. We were very impressed and had to buy one of her pieces - they can be seen on the line. I bought the red one.

Following that we took a walk along the lake and looked at the white pelicans

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