Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our Journey Begins

After much planning we left Arizona on November 16 and crossed the border into Mexico near McAllen, Texas on November 22. It was slow going as we worked our way to Paamul, planning each day's journey from RV park to RV park. There was quite a bit of road work going on for much of our drive so we didn't make great time but that was fine with us since there were so many unique sights along the way.

We went through little villages that we would have sped right through in the U.S. In Mexico, however, each little village has a few topes, or speed bumps, to slow everyone down. There are vendors selling everything from fruit juice to copper pots at each tope so it does make the journey interesting. On one part of the road we saw so many bags of fruit that we couldn't believe anyone would ever buy them all - in other parts of Mexico we saw the same situation, just different stuff to sell.

We decided to go through Catemaco which is becoming an ecotourist destination.
Lake Catemaco

Lake Catemaco is a huge volcanic lake in the midst of the jungle, complete with toucans and howler monkeys (although we didn't get to see any unfortunately - just heard the monkeys). We explored the area a bit before moving on.

We spent Thanksgiving in Isla Aguada, which is on the Gulf. We found a nice park and were able to get a spot right on the water. The view out our front window was great.

Isla Aguada

In Isla Aguada Tilly had her first encounter with being back on the beach and of course she went crazy. No turkey for Thanksgiving but we did have some tasty huevos rancheros.

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