Friday, January 11, 2019

Christmas in Valle de Juarez

It's been a while since we spent the holidays in Valle de Juarez so we were happy to receive an invitation from Barb and Sal to a Christmas party there. Barb and Sal used to own the RV park in Valle de Juarez where we stayed on previous visits. We have some great memories of previous holidays there making tamales, taking great hikes, eating lots of good food, making new friends, and generally enjoying ourselves. Sal and Barb sold the RV park but have a beautiful house in town where they spend part of the winter.

It was great to see some of our RV friends that we haven't connected with in a while. There were four couples who stayed in RVs at another park near town, and quite a few former RVers made it to the party as well. The RV park we stayed at this year worked out well for us. It's called Victoria RV Park and now has a website with information about the park and surrounding area

Lots of fun, some pictures from the party...

Sal and Barb

Our group from the four RVs at the park this year - Paula and Jerry from Nova Scotia

Gail and Bill from Nova Scotia

 Chris and Juan from Monterrey, Mexico

and Sue and Brian 

Quite a few people at the party, here's a group shot 

It was a great way to spend the holiday, our thanks to Sal and Barb for getting all of us together for a mini reunion!

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