Saturday, August 15, 2015


We continued with our hot and humid journey south from Savannah. Our first stop was St Augustine, another historic city. We did some sightseeing but there were too many tourists to make it a very pleasant experience. However, we were able to meet up with Brian's brother Bruce and his wife Eileen in St Augustine. They were on their way north to New York from their place in Florida. They showed up on our doorstep with a bottle of champagne to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary and we went out with them for nice dinner. Good way to celebrate the anniversary.
Our next stop was Vero Beach where we were excited to catch up with our Vieques friends Myrna and Bill, and Chef Michael. We hadn't seen them since we left Vieques in 2006 so we had a lot of catching up to do. Very special to see them again!
From Vero Beach we made the short drive to Port St Lucie where Brian's sister Laurel lives. We were able to park in her driveway for a couple of weeks. Brian wired a 50 amp electrical connection in her garage, used our super Sewer Solution to go uphill about 40 feet to the sewer cleanout, and hooked us up to water. Everything we needed. We were here 2 years ago when Laurel bought the house and helped with some of the remodeling. Brian helped out a lot this time around as well.

Brian's brother Bruce lives nearby in Palm City near Laurel. We were able to spend some time with Bruce and Eileen while we were in the area and enjoyed our time with them as well. Bruce took us for a nice cruise on his boat.

Brian and Laurel enjoying the day

Captain (now Commodore) Bruce
 This pelican led us into a nice spot along the St Lucie river for lunch.


Savannah to St Augustine, 181 miles July 21
St Augustine to Vero Beach, 186 miles July 23
Vero Beach to Port St Lucie, 25 miles July 26

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