Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Olympic Peninsula

Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park

This was our second trip to Hurricane Ridge, which is part of Olympic National Park. The park encompasses mountains, forests, and beaches.
Our drive up to Hurricane Ridge began at sea level and ended at 5,242 feet. The views were spectacular, although this time it was more overcast than on our previous visit. At times it seemed as though we were in the clouds.

Once we reached the Visitor Center we got views in all directions, including across the Straits to Vancouver Island which we could barely see this time around.

There were an abundance of deer that seemed to be totally oblivious to people. This young buck was wandering through the parking lot, not panicked or anything, just wandering along.

This guy was calmly watching all the tourists go by.


We stayed in Sequim (pronounced Skwim) while exploring Hurricane Ridge. Lovely little town that is know for its lavender. Very nice.

Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park

We stayed in Forks, Washington, home of the Twilight movies, to explore the beaches. We made a day trip out to Rialto Beach and La Push. Sea stacks, which are remnants of eroded coastal cliffs, rise out of the water just off shore.

Rialto Beach and La Push have incredible remains of immense trees. We think the trees were eroded, washed out to sea, and then washed back onto the beaches during some of the intense ocean storms. It's a great place to take photos, some of which are shown below. Hopefully they give an idea of what it's like to be there.

This kid is sitting on just one root of a massive tree base
Our routes
Mystery Bay to Sequim, 34 miles

Sequim to Hurricane Ridge, 37 miles

Sequim to Forks, 75 miles

and Forks to Rialto Beach and La Push, 27 miles


  1. Gorgeous photos Sue! Especially of Rialto and La Push. Hate to tell you though, only the first Twilight film was shot there. The rest were shot guessed it...Vancouver.
    Love the slate colour of the sky, water, beach. It almost looks like the photos are B&W!

  2. Actually, Forks looks almost nothing like what was in the only one of the movies we saw. We think they may have done some filming around La Push. We knew nothing of the movies when we first visited Forks a few years ago - so we rented the first movie while there. Beautiful area.

  3. Looks like you are still traveling and having fun. Beautiful pictures. Good job on keeping up the blog. Love yas.

  4. Agree with Roberta about those photos...the b/w shot highlighted with one color is truly awesome...and should be submitted to a travel blog/mag.