Sunday, May 26, 2013

Arizona to Red Bay, Alabama

We had a nice spring in Arizona this year but once the temperatures got close to the triple-digit range we knew it was time to pack up and move on. The Bus barely fits into our driveway, which is steeper than it looks in this picture - it's a tribute to Brian's driving skills that he backs it in there so well. Before leaving he completed some projects on the Bus including replacing our 32" flat screen TV with a 37" flat screen. It looks great. We also finished up the latest round of medical appointments which went well, and enjoyed catching up with friends.
Our travel plan was to head directly to Florida to help Brian's sister Laurel get moved from Nyack, NY,  into the house that she bought in Port St Lucie. We crossed Arizona and New Mexico before hitting Texas which seems to take forever to cross. It has such a contrast from west to east beginning with wide open spaces stretching for miles

to what I refer to as The Tunnel of Trees closing us in.

When we were about halfway across Texas we heard from Laurel that there were a few glitches that would delay her move. We decided to detour and head for the Tiffin factory in Red Bay, Alabama, where our Bus was built. This isn't our first trip to Red Bay so we're pretty familiar with the routine. The campground next to the service area is mostly on an old airport runway. There are close to 100 full hookup sites, several sites with water and electric, and when those are full there's a dry camping area.

Many Tiffin owners prefer to come to Red Bay for service on their coaches. The techs are usually quick and know how to go about doing what needs to be done, and the legendary Tiffin customer service is excellent. When we arrived it seemed that most of the sites were taken. Really interesting to see so many Tiffins in one place and always interesting to compare notes with other Tiffin owners.
We had some paint issue on the roofline of the Bus and decided to have it taken care of in Red Bay at a paint and body shop that we had used before. They do a nice job and are reasonably priced. Since the weather was rainy we had to spend the night in the paint booth, something we have done before.

A bit claustrophobic and stuffy but we survived and were out early the next morning.
We think we've finished up with everything we can do here and will stay through the Memorial Day holiday weekend, then head for Florida.

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