Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Roamin' through Wyomin'

We drove past Grand Teton National Park several years ago after leaving Yellowstone but didn't stop. This year we were able to spend a few days marveling at the beauty and majesty of the Tetons.
We were able to get a spot in the park which was within walking distance of  beautiful, tranquil  Jackson Lake.
While exploring one day we saw a female moose munching in the marsh,
and a bull moose beside a river.
We all enjoyed exploring this fabulous area.
The town of Jackson, also referred to as Jackson Hole, has several arches made of antlers that we thought were interesting.
On the day we left there fires in the area obscuring the Tetons with smoke. So sad to see so many of these fires out West.
We drove through Craters of the Moon National Monument which is actually in Idaho, not Wyoming but I'll include it here anyway. This is a huge area of lava rock which comes from deep fissures in the earth, not from one volcano. It's a pretty weird landscape.


  1. WOW! Two great posts and wonderful wildlife pictures. That is a beautiful part of the country and I'm a bit envious. We've been in that area before and want to return, as we do with so many places. Sorry to hear about the fires. It's a problem over much of the west. Here in Florida, some places got 28 inches of rain while we were in Massachusetts. We heard that Inverness "only" got 8 or 9. Now we get our daily thunderstorm and everything is green and growing well in this hot humid climate. Enjoy this part of your trip and give Tilly a cookie from "Uncle Paul"

  2. Hi guys, just catching up on all our friends after our trip north. Your pictures are beautuful, we love that area too. Glad to hear you are doing well. Tell Tilly I have my own vacuum sweeper now with Bella around, she is laid off!! Take care.