Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Arizona to Santa Fe

Things were heating up in the Phoenix area with temperatures getting into the triple digits so we were happy to have our projects done and get back on the road. We had a lovely drive when we headed north, and were reminded of our travels in Mexico when we came across this cattle drive stopping traffic in both directions.

Santa Fe is rated very highly as one of the top U.S. destinations for many reasons and we always enjoy stopping to spend some time here.
The scenery and architecture are characteristic of the Southwest with adobe being the dominant style in this area.  Although it isn't adobe, we liked roofline of the Lensic Performing Art Center which reminded us of the churrigueresque detail we saw on the historic buildings in Zacatecas.

Santa Fe is well-known for its extensive art scene. I don't know exactly how many art galleries and musuems there are, but it would take months to visit them all. We got a nice sampling  while walking around town and particularly enjoyed learning about various potters while viewing their works. While most of the Native American pottery is well beyond our budget, it's still fun to marvel at the skill of the artisans.
The Museum of Contemporary Arts had some interesting outdoor exhibits.

The downtown Plaza has been the center of Santa Fe for over 400 years, and many historic buildings are nearby. On one side of the Plaza is the Palace of the Governors which is the oldest continuously occupied building in the U.S.
Native Americans showcase and sell their jewelry, beadwork, silver, pottery and sculptures under the portico in front of the Palace.

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