Thursday, June 10, 2010

Canyon de Chelly

Canyon de Chelly (shay) National Monument is in northeast Arizona. The spectacular canyon is unique in that it is on Navajo Tribal Trust Land. Ownership of the land remains with the Navajo while park matters are administered by the National Park Service. The canyon floor is inhabited and cultivated by members of the Navajo nation, and cattle and horses can be seen grazing 1000 feet below the rim.

The ruins of early indigenous tribes including the Anasazi and Navajo are preserved at Canyon de Chelly. With the exception of the White House ruin, visiting the ruins is only allowed when accompanied by an authorized Navajo guide or park ranger. Many of the ruins can be seen from both the north and south rim of the canyon.

 One of the park's most distinctive features is Spider Rock, which rises 800 feet from the canyon floor and has been used in a number of television commercials. The Navajo believe the taller spire is the home of Spider Woman, who is one of their most revered deities. She taught the Navajo to weave on looms, and chose the top of Spider Rock as her home.

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