Friday, March 12, 2010


Guadalajara is an interesting city and we love spending time there. This year we stayed at an RV park very close to the city but in a country atmosphere. It was quiet and it was hard to believe we were so close to the city but it worked out really well for us. There weren't many RVs there so we had plenty of room  and we loved the convenience of being so close to the city but in such a rural setting.

While in the Guadalajara area we went back to Tonala , a suburb full of artisans and factories producing many of the crafts sold in all of Mexico. It's overwhelming to roam the streets there and experience the abundance and variety of what is produced and equally as overwhelming to describe it. We also went to Tlaquepaque, which is an upscale Tonala. The town square is beautiful and it's an area geared towards tourists with nice restaurants and shops.
Of course we had to visit the local market, or mercado, and soak up all the sights, sounds and smells.

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