Monday, January 16, 2012

Jocotopec Patronales

Jocotopec, the town nearest our RV park, has been celebrating Patronales for the past two weeks. Patronales festivals are a custom found in many countries with a Spanish influence.  The yearly celebration is dedicated to a saint who is the patron of the city that holds the fiesta. Town members adorn the town streets with colorful decorations and there are parades, fireworks, live entertainment, carnival rides and games, markets and street vendors.We didn't go into town at night because the crowds were incredible, but we went in during the day for the parade...

the market (note the mangos carved like flowers).....

and the carnival rides where the horses on the carousel carried Tequila casks.

It was a huge celebration with fireworks beginning at 6 AM every day and usually not ending until well after midnight. Although we didn't attend the nightly music events we were able to hear them and most of the music sounded pretty good.

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  1. Loved the parade! What day was it exactly? Would like to go next year.